Curriculum Vitae
Personal Interests and Experience

Motor Racing and Karting

I've been a massive fan of motor racing for over a decade. I am primarily interested in Formula One racing, but I'll watch just about any form of racing (I've been known to watch NASCAR, the Tour de France and even America's Cup sailing!). I have also participated in a number of amateur go karting events and track days and gotten good results. Additionally, from 2012-2015 I was a regular contributor to, which is an online community and podcast for Formula One fans. You can find my articles here. I drive a stock, Grand Prix white, 2003 Honda S2000 (AP1).


Throughout high-school and college, I was heavily involved in extra-curricular theatrical organizations. In high-school, I helped re-establish the theatre program at Ben Franklin High School after Hurricane Katrina while also acting in several productions and filling in for whatever other jobs needed to be done. In college, I was associated with Scotch'n'Soda Theatre - one of the oldest and largest college theatre groups in the country. I performed in two shows as an actor, but also participated in many other capacities including master carpenter, assistant lighting designer and special effects designer, helping with 19 shows in total. I enjoyed the large, musical productions I was a part of, but am most proud of the two plays I directed, and the one production I managed. I've also completed Aaron Sorkin's Screenwriting MasterClass at

Food and Drink

Being from New Orleans, I grew up in a rich food and drink culture. While nowadays, my passion mostly takes the form of being a pretty standard foodie, I have worked in the service industry in the past. I worked during summers throughout high-school at a restaurant and after graduating college, I bartended for a short time. I also completed the BarSmarts Advanced Certification program by Pernod Ricard USA in 2010.

Additional Affiliations

The Mystick Krewe of Louisianians
Krewe Member

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art
Kohlmeyer Circle Member, Magnolia Ball Committee - 2015

Carnegie Mellon Admission Council
Alumni Interviewer

This Webpage

Technology and Development

This page was begun using the Box Portfolio template from Ahmed Eissa. Although little of the original content remains, the organization and much of the jQuery on the page would not have been possible without that starting point. The CV section is based on the portfolio section in the Agency Bootstrap Template. The CSS formatting of that section is embedded in the design of the CV section above. The remainder of the site, including nearly all of the HTML and CSS for sections besides CV, and jQuery for the slow-scroll from the landing-page to the site sections was done by me.

This page uses HTML5 and CSS3. It was developed on a 2015 Macbook running OS X - El Capitan, and although some testing was done for other operating systems and browsers, it was optimized on Chrome for Mac.

Photo and Font Credits

The landing page photo was taken by my friend Elizabeth Fitchett on a trip to Portland, Maine in Fall, 2015 and remains the best candid picture of me ever taken. Photos in the CV section (from left to right) are credited to myself, my friend Mike Lin who did a great series of professional headshots for me, and a kind passerby on Antelope Island in Utah. Resizing, image effects and filtering was done in Powerpoint, which I recognize is the absolute worst software for this sort of thing but I know how to use it and that has some value, right?

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